Using Acadience® Data Management to Help Young Students Succeed

Why and How Acadience Data Management Collects and Uses Students’ Personally Identifiable Information

Acadience Data Management, a product of Dynamic Measurement Group, Inc. (DMG), is a learning tool that helps teachers support young students to become successful at reading and math through the use of the Acadience family of assessments. Assessments from DMG test particular reading or math skills, such as a student’s ability to read accurately and fluently or to continue a counting sequence. Schools across the country use the DMG family of assessments to identify and monitor students who need extra help to master reading or math skills.

To receive reports that evaluate the reading or math skills of a particular student using Acadience Data Management, teachers and school administrators must enter the following information into the Acadience Data Management system:

  • the student’s name, grade level, and student identification number;
  • the student’s teacher, school and district name; and
  • the student’s assessments results.

In addition, teachers and school administrators may choose to enter the optional information below in order to take advantage of additional features and reporting options within the Acadience Data Management service:

  • the student’s demographic information (such as birthdate, gender, race and ethnicity, language fluency, and educational status); and
  • individual student learning goals and educational notes.

DMG uses the entered information to generate progress reports about the student and to help teachers and administrators track the student’s reading or math skill development over time. For example, DMG might use the information to generate a report for a teacher indicating that a student who once struggled to "sound out" unknown words has, over the course of her time in the second grade, mastered that skill.

When delivering services through Acadience Data Management, DMG respects its role in protecting student data privacy. Accordingly, DMG generally does not share with others any information about students that constitutes "personally identifiable information" (or, "PII") under state and federal student privacy laws. DMG only shares PII if required or permitted to do so by law (such as when a student’s school or district asks DMG to share the information with another party).

With the help of parents, teachers, and Acadience Data Management, DMG looks forward to helping more students become successful learners. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please visit or write to DMG at